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Your Family Tree

Your Family Tree


You can begin to share your child’s Family lineage by printing this Traditional Family Tree. For medical reasons as well as emotional and spiritual heritage, it is important for children to know where they come from and what their family characteristics are like.

Regardless of the circumstances of our past, God can make our lives fruitful and grow when we are planted in good soil.  In addition to the natural family genealogy, your child may have other family members and a larger circle of mentors.


How to Play?

  • Use this Traditional Family Tree to record your child’s family blood line as far back as you know.
  • There are ways to research the members you don’t know simply by asking parents and grandparents, aunts, uncles and long time family friends. Or, for further inquires you can use online research, genealogist, or research your family hometown clerk offices usually located at the courthouse or city hall.
  • The further back you go, the more you will be able to see the generational blessings and curses depending on whether family members obeyed God or disobeyed his instructions.
  • Explore your family heritage together and celebrate the future by remembering the past.
  • Continue building your family tree or draw your own larger tree.


There is no good or bad family tree.  Each person must develop their own relationship with God.  Having knowledge of a family tree brings truth that can be used to set people free.  It is not for condemnation or shame which are curses from unredeemed lives.  Let the love of Jesus bring freedom for you and your child by knowing the truth.


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