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Donkey Otie Fan Comments


I really love your script. Again, thank you for your work in producing a theologically sound depiction of the truth found in God’s Holy Word woven into a truly entertaining and layered piece of art. Malachi and I marveled Tuesday, upon first reading, at how solid and meaty your script is — we were both excited to be part of this step in your endeavors. I pray your labor will bear much fruit and that we may all continue to find ways to serve God and neighbor in our vocations.

Melba Sibrel

Thank you for the book Donkey Otie’s Forever Birthday Story! As soon as my husband put it in my hands last night, I read it.  Loved, loved it!! What a fabulous author you are! The pictures and colors are just perfect! The angels amazing! May God continue to bless and endorse your gift of writing from His throne.

Ann, David & Kelley
New Iberia, LA

Wow!! I just finished reading your script. It’s NOT just “another great animated feature”… it’s a work of art, Vicky. So touching … so much more than a children’s Bible teaching, but a great teaching tool for people of all ages who would take time to see it and hear the good news. I could visualize all of it. Loved how you intertwined familiar hymns—giving them real meaning, for those who’ve only sung them by rote ever.

LOVED how you cleverly, creatively interwove scripture through the Dove/Spirit; how you redeemed the Innkeeper who has long been thought mean and uncaring by some; how you resolved the stable or house question; how you portrayed the Lord as a toddler who could divinely communicate to the Magi and even animals; also the thoughtful concept of a young Judas wandering off into the desert. A story all by itself. 

All so well conceived!! I applaud you for such a thoughtful, powerful really, piece. You have a great heart for our Lord, Vicky. Thanks for sharing your script with me.  It’s a huge blessing!!!  

Susan Meredith-Beyer
“ten Boom … the Musical”


I finished your script … and how can I say this: “I AM BLOWN AWAY!” The brilliance of what God has given you is far greater than what my heart could ever have imagined. Yes, I have read the book — Donkey Otie’s Forever Birthday Story; but this script takes it to another level. I was so drawn in and stuck to my seat that I let the music play (the songs you highlighted) as they was queued. I found myself closing my eyes and seeing the illustrations from the printed book come to life.

Vicky, I felt like I was right there … AND in God’s presence. The simplicity, yet spiritual depth of this script is unlike anything I’ve read before. I thought to myself, “This is better than any Disney movie I’ve ever watched, and I’ve seen them all!” The quality is classic to me … like reaching back in time when movies, even cartoons, were classical and memorable. It was like I was there with Donkey Otie and his friends as you told his story.

From a scribal perspective, God has TRULY placed His favor upon you with this script. It is OBVIOUS to anyone who loves Jesus that this is Him at work; yet, there are many, MANY messages here that all people can appreciate and draw from. The characters names prophetically came alive for me … as their actions in and of themselves affirmed so much from scripture and the heart of God. In short, I CAN’T WAIT FOR THIS MOVIE! What really captured me at the end, however, was how you pointed the people to the full story in the Word. That, I have never seen.

Theresa Harvard Johnson
Voices of Christ Literary Ministries International

“What a wonderful and imaginative way to present the Christmas story. And what an adorable donkey you have created to tell the story.” Dr. Reagan’s Website

Dr. David R. Reagan, Lamb & Lion Ministries

“I watched Vicky “give birth” to this beautiful creation. I hope she feels that her efforts are rewarded by the joy she is bringing to homes everywhere as they read her telling of this story. It is destined to become a classic Christmas Eve read. Children will love the rhyming verse, the talking animals, the colorful pictures, and soon will be quoting it along with you. Simply delightful! It will be the standard Christmas gift for young children on my list for years to come. God bless you, Vicky Branton!”


“I was able to purchase my copy from the author Vicky Branton and have it signed! It is the most refreshing, new and creative book in sharing the birth of Jesus for little ones (AND even someone as Young as I). Children of all ages are loving this book…I plan to add this book to Christmas Eve Reading to my Grandchildren. I can’t wait for this to be a film to bring my Grandchildren too. Thank you Vicky!”


“It strikes me that a traditional story is about to get a facelift. Something very endearing is about to be told. We’re going to experience the animals’ view of having the Son of God born in their humble surroundings: the awesomeness of the angelic choir; the majesty of the three kings, etc … It doesn’t hurt that the character in the faces of the drawings is glorious.”

Nathan Burbank, Music Composer