Welcome to Donkey Otie

DONKEY OTIE wasn’t always as you see him today. His life began the night Jesus was born after realizing he no longer was alone and scared. Loving Jesus meant he was part of a very big family. Donkey Otie knew immediately that he could introduce little boys and girls to Jesus especially if their moms and dads need to meet him, too.

Donkey Otie wants to take your family on a journey beginning when he was just a young colt.
He was a sad and lonely orphan so afraid of everything, unsure of who he was or where he was going … so he stuttered. Then one day still shaky on his legs, his new master’s father gave Donkey Otie as a wedding gift to his son.

Joseph and his betrothed Mary would need Donkey Otie for their journey to the family’s hometown of Bethlehem to be counted by the government leaders. Little did Donkey Otie know, while there more would be given birth than simply a baby whose name was Jesus.

Everything in Donkey Otie’s life changed the night he met Jesus. Among other things, he no longer stuttered. Now he needs your help to tell everyone about loving Jesus.

Enjoy exploring Donkey Otie’s Website as he shares His-story with the world! Soon you’ll find ways to tell others about the love of Jesus living in your heart … forever!


What our reader says

Wow!! I just finished reading your script. It’s NOT just “another great animated feature”… it’s a work of art, Vicky. So touching … so much more than a children’s Bible teaching, but a great teaching tool for people of all ages who would take time to see it and hear the good news. I could visualize all of it. Loved how you intertwined familiar hymns—giving them real meaning, for those who’ve only sung them by rote ever.

LOVED how you cleverly, creatively interwove scripture through the Dove/Spirit; how you redeemed the Innkeeper who has long been thought mean and uncaring by some; how you resolved the stable or house question; how you portrayed the Lord as a toddler who could divinely communicate to the Magi and even animals; also the thoughtful concept of a young Judas wandering off into the desert. A story all by itself. 

All so well conceived!! I applaud you for such a thoughtful, powerful really, piece. You have a great heart for our Lord, Vicky. Thanks for sharing your script with me.  It’s a huge blessing!!!  

Susan Meredith-Beyer
“ten Boom … the Musical”