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DONKEY OTIE loves to play games.

With little ones especially, Donkey Otie likes to inspire parents and children to use his activities together.  Simply download the one page graphics designed for pre-schoolers and elementary age children.

Your family can simply work independently coloring the featured page, explore their genealogical heritage, and even talk about the value of friendship.  Activities only require downloading and printing as many copies as needed for family gatherings, Sunday school groups, or home schooling.

Plus, Donkey Otie would love to see what you’ve accomplished.  Scan and upload your pictures or projects via email or mail to Vicky Branton Entertainment LLC, P.O. Box 51346, Lafayette, LA  70505.  You may see them posted to his Facebook page, Donkey Otie’s Forever Birthday Story or the Website.

It Was a Day Like No Other

Coloring Page

The perfect creative activity for home use, Sunday School classes, home schoolers or missions: color Old Donkey Otie and his friends.  Using crayons, colored pencils or markers, paint the sky and animals with joyous colors of friendship.

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MAZE Donkey Otie to Jesus


Donkey Otie wants to find Jesus.  We all have different paths to find our friend Jesus.  Sometimes we feel lost, afraid, miss a turn or go the wrong way. If we don’t give up, we’ll eventually find him.

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Family Around You

Family Around You Tree

Donkey Otie was separated from his parents when he was young.  He longed for a family. Like Donkey Otie, sometimes the people God puts in our lives are the ones that love us or show God’s love the most.  Your child will grow in confidence when they realize God’s family is much bigger than the household where they live.

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Jesus Family Tree

Jesus Family Tree

Jesus was born of Mary, was fathered by the Holy Spirit of God, and raised by Joseph, a man chosen by God to be his earthly father.  Unlike any other human ever born, Jesus was both a human and Deity.  Understanding family heritage is an important part of feeling complete.  And, it helps us understand how important Jesus is in our lives.

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Your Family Tree

Traditional Family Tree

Everyone has a natural blood line.  Jesus had his mother Mary’s blood line but his adopted father Joseph’s family was also part of his life on earth. Learning about your child’s genealogy may also help other members embrace the family God created or perhaps mend lost relationships.  Explore your family together.

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Apple of Friends JESUS

Apple of Friends – Jesus

Jesus had many “circles” of friends, and he also had foes, those who didn’t believe he was the Son of God.  With this activity you can discover much about the levels of friendship Jesus experienced.

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Apple of Friends for YOU

Apple of Friends for You

After learning about the friends and strangers surrounding Jesus, play this game by writing down your child’s circle of friends placing them in the appropriate ring.

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