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Apple of Friends – Jesus

Apple of Friends JESUS


Understanding the perfect bullseye, you and your child will learn what it means to be “the apple of God’s eye”. Young people need to learn about appropriate relationships.  This Apple Study references Bible Scriptures showing friendship levels Jesus experienced as well as his doubters.

Share the stories during family time, with Sunday School classes, or with homeschool studies.  Begin discussions about friendships by studying the people surrounding Jesus.

How to Play?

  • Use online as reference or print out by clicking the download button.
  • With your Bible or an online study like Biblegateway.com, look up the passages listed.
  • Make note of the different experiences shared with Jesus.
  • Talk about how Jesus related to his inner circle vs those on the outside.
  • Use the Apple & You Download to discuss friendships in your child’s life.

Jesus had many “circles” of friends, and he also had foes, those who didn’t believe he was the Son of God. Understanding Jesus had friends who were very close, trusted, casual friends, or were simply people among the masses will help put your own circle of influence into perspective.


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