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MAZE with characters


Help Donkey Otie find Jesus.  Remember, we are never alone … this is a parent and child activity for younger children especially.  Follow the maze through a clear path to celebrate Jesus with all Donkey Otie’s friends.


How to Play?

  • Click the download button to print the maze.
  • Begin with Donkey Otie at the opening in the upper left corner.
  • Draw with a crayon, pencil or marker to follow the maze until you find the exit at Baby Jesus.
  • If you hit a dead end, begin again or go back to the previous open passage.
  • Once you find Baby Jesus, then together celebrate with all Donkey Otie’s friends and remember to “Shout HalleluYah!”.

Now that you’ve found Jesus, you can help others find their way, too.  Simply share the love Jesus put in your heart and before you know it, you’ll be walking together as the Family of God.


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