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Jesus Family Tree

Jesus Family Tree


All God’s children naturally want to know they are loved. Understanding family heritage is an important part of feeling complete.  Even Jesus, with one natural and one adoptive parent, could look back and see how God’s love affected his family line.

How to Play?

  • Print Jesus Family Tree and read the referenced stories.
  • Using your own Bible concordance or online Bible reference such as BibleGateway.com find the ancestors listed in Jesus’ Family Tree.
  • Read about the relatives in Jesus’ family from the genealogy of both Mary and Joseph.
  • Discuss your own family and larger circle of influencers

You will begin to see as human beings we are all from an imperfect family tree. If your family tree has only good fruit, you are truly blessed.  Don’t be surprised if you find a few bad apples.  It happens in the best of families.

Only by grace and through the forgiveness of sins offered by the blood of Jesus, can we walk in perfect victory.  For more information on living the life God intended for each of us, reach out to your local church, friends, or family of God; or, write to Donkey Otie at Doc@DonkeyOtie.com.  Donkey Otie loves to talk about Jesus and the life they share walking together as the Family of God.


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