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Apple of Friends for You

Apple of Friends for YOU


Like Jesus, some relationships stick closer than a brother, while another might appear to be secure but could lead to destruction. Talk with your child about the differences and explain the qualities of true friendship.

How to Play?

  • The best friend your child can have is Jesus, after him are their closest friends.  Place those name(s) in the “Best Friends” circle.
  • Trusted friends and family go in the “Inner Circle”. These people should believe as you do about important things in life like family, faith, and moral views.
  • Friends who share your child’s faith and favorite activities will go next in the “Close Friends”.
  • Sports teams, classmates, others your child enjoys being with but know only on the surface are in the outer red ring or “Wide Circle”.  These may not share your faith but have other things in common with your child.
  • On the leaves and white spaces at the top of the apple list people who are strangers or bad influences that should be avoided.  Use this list to pray for God’s purposes and knowledge to be made complete in them.
  • Keep a copy of the Apple for future reference and continue to use the form as your child grows.


Friendships change.  Lives change.  Jesus had times of intimacy with friends that set them apart but they may not have remained close, like Judas.  Best of friends don’t always last a lifetime, but in years to come, perhaps some who were once strangers prayed for, will have moved into closer relationship.  Always remember to keep Jesus in the center of your life.

Note also, with Jesus at the core and trusted friends surrounding your child, as a parent you can feel safe they are protected from the evil in our world.  But remember, time spent with bad influences like some television, movies, music and more can do more long term harm than the momentary good.  Surround your child and family with people and entertainment of good moral character as found in the Holy Scriptures.


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